Hello peoples of the internets

this is my webbed site. it is currently under construction.

I am currently feeling The current mood of theultimatetree at www.imood.com

Blinkie that says 'Reality is the leading cause of stress' Blinkie that says 'install ublock origin' Blinkie that says 'nonbinary pride', with the nonbinary flag (four horizontal stripes that are yellow, white purple, and black from top to bottom) in the background Blinkie that says 'I support drawing in class' Blinkie that says 'Even though this is just a stupid blinkie you are still squinting to read it' Blinkie that says 'Splatoon 2' Blinkie that says 'H4H4H4H4H3H3H3H3'. The background is teal and either side of the words is the zodiac symbol of Libra, which represents Terezi from homestuck Blinkie that says 'too many tabs!!'

stamp that says 'the nefarious anglerfish' with a picture of a cat with its tail in front of its head stamp that looks like a little dialouge box on a computer, with the words 'mayb you should make a website'. the button at the bottom of the dialouge box says 'cool.' stamp that says 'tablet user' Below the text is a pixel art drawing of a drawing tablet with a pen

Webrings :D

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